Bat rw Alert bat
A normal bat (left) and a strong bat (right)

Dangerous to touch


Fly across the screen


Normal bats - One hit (weak weapon)
Strong bats - One or two strong weapon hits


None (raises stamina)


Running Warrior

Bats are enemies in the game Running Warrior.


Bats have a small purple body with two red and purple wings. They have also got two red squares for their eyes and two white pixels that seem to be their teeth. On their heads they have two purple ears with red little details.

Strong bats look exactly the same as the normal bats, except that they have a red exclamation mark on their heads.

Game informationEdit

Bats are always seen flying across the screen, some having a red exclamation mark indicating they're strong to kill while some others not. If a character touches a bat, the bat will explode in green drops and lower the stamina level of the player, which is indicated in the Stamina bar.

Normal bats, that appear without an exclamation mark, are easy to kill. The player can simply trigger the weak weapon on the character they're playing as, and destroy a bat. However, strong bats, that appear with a red exclamation mark on their heads, are more tough to get rid of, since they can only be killed using strong weapons. If the player kills either of them, they will receive some stamina, shown on the bar.

The player can also make a jump and avoid touching a bat, but this will grant them no stamina.