Blue crystals

Leveling up weapons


Alien Squad

Blue crystals are interactive objects in the game Alien Squad.


Blue crystals, as their name suggests, are blue and also shiny. The crystal is diamond shaped and has a white outline going around it. In the middle of the blue crystal it a white line and behind the line is a circual object inside the crystal. This object is small, white, outlined in black, and black in the center.

Game informationEdit

Blue crystals appear by killing enemies. Once the player attacks the cystal with the weapon they are holding, the blue cystal will be obtained. After obtaining a certain amount of blue crystals, indicated by a bar at the bottom right of the screen, the weapon the player has will go up one level and the power will be increased.


Blue cristilas

The sign with the typo

  • In mission 1 a sign on the wall contains a typo which misspells crystals as "cristals".