Bone counter at start of level

Bone counter monster defense
The bone counter from Monster Castle: Level Pack (above) and Monster Castle Defense (below)

Allowing the player to create and upgrade monsters and use magic spells


Monster Castle Defense, Monster Castle: Level Pack

Bones are a interactive object in the game Monster Castle Defense and Monster Castle: Level Pack.

Game informationEdit

Bones do not have a sprite or appear as a object in levels. Instead bones are indicated by a board with a skull on it placed at the top left corner of the screen. In Monster Castle Defense the board is dark brown with a beige skull while in Monster Castle: Level Pack the boards is a lighter shade of brown with a white skull that is much simpler then the one in Monster Castle Defense.

Bones are gained by defeating enemies, selling monsters, or gained over time by a monster called a corpe. With bones the player can create monsters, upgrade them, or use magic spells. At the start of every level the player starts out with 100 bones in Monster Castle: Level Pack. In Monster Castle the player will either start out with 300 (easy difficulty), 200 (normal difficulty), 100 (hard difficulty), or 40 (extreme difficulty).


  • It is possible that bones are the bones of the dead enemies however, when a enemy die they explode into blood and appear to not leave bones.