A bunch of cherries

Granting points and unlocking the finish line


Birdy Fruit

Fruit is a interactive object in the game Birdy Fruit.



Cherries are red and round with two of them being attached together by a v-shaped green stalk that is curved near the top.


Pineapples are oval shaped and yellow. The skin of the pineapple appears to be rough and dived into square shaped sections. At the top of the pineapple is a green shaped stalk that is made up of several jagged rectangular pieces.


Kiwis are cut in half and have light green flesh and a light brown skin. In the middle of the flesh of the kiwi is a patch of white shaped like a splatter with small dark green flecks around it.


Oranges are circular with a short light green stalk placed near the top of the fruit. The rest of the orange is a light orange with some dark orange flecks.


Strawberries are circular shaped with a circular point near the bottom. They are light red with green flecks and a dark green stalk that is jagged and flattened at the top.

Game informationEdit

Fruit appears in all levels of Birdy Fruit and is placed in set areas. Though the placement of the fruit does not change, the form it takes does with what was once a pineapple can be changed to a completely different fruit like cherries. Once all fruit in a level is collected, the finish line will appear. Once Toge touched a piece of fruit, the player will gain points in the hundreds with all are the fruit going up by 100 points upon touch. Once the player dies, however, the points gained goes back to one hundred for the first fruit.


  • Toge, the main character from Birdy Fruit, resembles a pineapple.