Green flea

Biting the player


Around 210

First Appearance:

Mission 1


Alien Squad

Greenfleas are enemies in the game Alien Squad.


Green fleas have a cylindrical green body with two white eyes placed on their face. Their mouth is crooked and placed at the bottom of their bodies is four brown stump-like legs. Lastly, on the top of their head above their eyes is two antennas that are rectangular and a mixture of yellow and brown.

Game informationEdit

Greenfleas first appear in mission 1. Greenfleas come from random areas on the left and right sides of the screen. They are the first enemy the player encounters and they attack by biting the player. Greenfleas will come close and hang around the player if enough of them come onto the screen. When close up they will bite the player and if the player is surrounded by them the players health will drop quickly.

A way to avoid being cornered by green fleas it to evade or keep some in front of the player and attack them all at once. The sword is useful for attacking greenfleas as it is short range and does damages quickly. The hand gun is also useful in shooting them from afar. They give five EXP upon being defeated and have around 210 point of health.


  • The name of a greenfleas is likely green and fleas pushed together.