For the point granting objects see big hearts or spiritual hearts

Grudges heart

Allowing the player to harm bosses


Ghost Host

Hearts are interactive objects in the game Ghost Host.


Hearts are heart shaped and red with dark red veins covering the surface of the heart. Three tubes are placed at the bottom of the heart with two being pushed close together and the third being separated by a small space and is also thinner and sightly longer.

Game informationEdit

Hearts only appear when a boss is present. When a boss is currently being challenged, a heart will appear in a random area of the level for a certain short amount of time. If the player does not cast the rays of their flashlight on the heart while it is present, it will disappear and the player will have to wait for it to reappear. If the player does reach the heart in time and shine the light of the flashlight on it, the heart will disappear and the boss the character is fighting will take damage. After the heart is struck a certain number of times so that it kills the boss, the heart itself will be destroyed.