For the enemy from Running Warrior, see Slimes (Running Warrior).
Slime 1 m
A slime in its first form from Monster Castle: Level Pack

Slowing down enemies


Monster Castle Defense, Monster Castle: Level Pack

Slimes are interactive objects in the game Monster Castle Defense and Monster Castle: Level Pack.


First formEdit

A slime in its first form resembles a small circular blue blob with a single red dot placed in the center of it. In Monster Castle Defense slimes have a light blue outline and are dark blueish-purple while in the level pack version slimes have a semi-transparent outline and are a less purple shade of dark blue.

Second formEdit

A slime in its second form looks exactly the same as in its first form, regardless of the version of Monster Castle being played, but doubled in size.

Third formEdit

A slime in its third form resembles a oval shaped blob with a curved top and a flat bottom. Unlike the previous forms of slime, a slime in its third form is green with a face consisting of two dark grey eyes and a crooked mouth that closely resembles a jack-o-lantern. Slimes in their third form from Monster Castle Defense have a light blue outline and are more of a metalic green than the ones from Monster Castle: Level Pack who have a semi-transparent outline.

Game informationEdit

Slimes cost 50 bones to create and have a stat of three (Monster Castle: Level Pack) or a slow down an enemy by one (Monster Castle Defense). Slimes are a offensive monster and, like demons and to a lesser extent mudmans, preform the function of slowing enemies that come in contact with them. When a slime evolves, the rate at which enemies are slowed down increases.


Because slimes slow down enemies once they come in contact with them, it is best if they are placed in the range of long-range monsters such as sprouts or dragons. Slimes can also be placed to slow down fast moving enemies such as runners and, with enemies such as mages or kamikazes, can be used to delay damage being inflicted on more powerful monsters.