For the interactive object from Monster Castle, see Slimes (Monster Castle).
Slime Qmark slime
A normal slime (left) and a strong slime (right)

Dangerous to touch


Can lower the player's stamina level


Normal enemy - One hit
Strong enemy - Varies


None (raises stamina level)


Running Warrior

Slimes are enemies in the game Running Warrior.


Slimes appear as small light-blue blobs and are always moving as if they were breathing. When destroyed, they explode in green drops.

The stronger enemies appear as simple slimes as well, but with a red exclamation mark above them.

Game informationEdit

Slimes are always found standing onto any platform. If the running character hits a slime, the slime will get blown up and the character will turn red for a while. At the same time, a part of the player's stamina bar will disappear.

The normal slimes can easily be destroyed with one hit of the character's weakest weapon, and upon doing it the player will gain some stamina, shown on the bar. However, the strong slimes require a strong weapon to get destroyed, for if the player tries to hit one with the weak gun, the slime will not die and will hurt the player instead.

Another easy way to get rid of the slimes is to jump above them. This is an easy option to avoid using any gun, but the player will not gain any stamina.