Spinning green creatures
Green spinning enemy

Ramming into the spaceship



First Appearance:

Bloom hill defensive level 1


Star Bunny

Spinning green creatures are enemies in the game Star Bunny.


Spinning green creatures have a circular green body and a eye that is yellow with a brown pupil placed in the middle of it. From either side of the eye extends a dark green line with small dots above it. On top of the green creatures "head" is two pink cylinders that go in and out of the green creatures body with two other cylinder placed on the sides of the creature and rotate.

Game informationEdit

Spinning green creatures first appear in Bloom hill. Spinning green creatures come from the top of the screen and float down in certain patterns. Sometimes spinning green creatures come down in groups but usually in small groups though on rare occasions they come down in a large group. Spinning green creatures have low health and can be destroyed in three or four shots of the basic gun.