Warping ghosts
Warping ghost

running into the player


Warping between floors


1 hit




Ghost Host

Warping ghosts are enemies in the game Ghost Host].


Warping ghosts are blob shaped with two long arms placed on the left and right side of their body. On the ghost's face is two white oval shaped eyes that are surround by a thin dark green line and one of the eyes is slight slanted. Beneath the ghost's eyes is its mouth that is slightly opened with some teeth. The ghost's body and its teeth are a light greenish-turquoise with the body being surrounded by a dark green outline.

Game informationEdit

Warping ghosts are the second ghost the player encounters and are first appear in the first wave of ghosts. Warping ghosts move back and forth on a set floor and will occasionally disappear and reappear one a floor above or beneath them. Often if the player is near the warping ghost will move to the platform they are on. Warping ghosts take one hit to destroy and grant a certain number of points upon death that is determined by the combo. Occasionally they drop items upon being killed.