Attacks Throwing fireballs at the player, putting flame traps, and moving into the player
Abilities Moving between floors and flying
Health 8 hits to its heart
Points Around 720 when no combo is achieved
Game Ghost Host

Wicked is a boss in the game Ghost Host.


Wicked's resembles a skull attached to a bone engulfed in light greenish-turquoise flames. The skull of Wicked is a pale grey and slightly cube shaped with a single red eye placed in the middle and staring out of a eye socket. Beneath the skull is a large bone with the top which the skull rests on having a small head while the bottom has a bigger head that is twice the size. The flames that surround the top of Wicked's head are shaped so that they slightly resemble hair while the ones that surround the lower part of Wicked are jagged. Lastly placed a near Wicked and floating on either side of it is a small flame that resembles a hand.

Game informationEdit

Wicked is found directly after the second wave of ghosts is defeated. Wicked appears in the center of the room and begins fly around in a random pattern. After a certain period of time Wicked will throw a fireball from its hand that bounces of the sides of the level and harms the player upon contact. These fire balls will increase in number as the level battle with Wicked progresses and may also disappear after a certain amount of time. Occasionally flames will fall from the ceiling and drift till they stop on a platform and then that part of the level will ignite and become a flame trap. This flame trap will harm the player upon contact and will stay until Wicked is defeated. After Wicked is struck eight times in the heart by the rays of the player's flash light, Wicked will be killed, drop a piece of pizza where it last was, and give the player around 720 point, if no combo, or a greater amount depending on the combo the player has.


Because of the tendency of Wicked's heart to appear on the above platforms, it is best if the player stays on the middle platform to allow them to jump to the higher platforms of the lower platforms. Since fire balls are constantly flying around, it is best if the player stays mostly stationary and only moves at the presence of fire balls or to strike Wicked's heart.